Why You Should Invest in Becoming a More Effective Communicator in the 21st Century

At this stage the video creation process is a serious struggle for me and it’s not pretty. I feel like a newborn gasping for oxygen after falling into a swimming pool without my water wings. While I struggle to just get through this shit process and reach a point where I can actually produce videos that convey my ideas more effectively, I hope you can at least get some encouragement from watching my personal learning process unfold.

Personally, I love coming up with an idea and then crafting the words to describe that idea in the format of a written blog post. From start to finish it’s a really rewarding process and that’s what I love about writing. If you don’t already, I highly recommend starting a blog or even just a private journal so you can experience the daily satisfaction of going through that creative process.

Writing can be really frustrating but I’ve been doing it from a young age so I understand the process and I’m comfortable with it. When I want to walk out of my front door and into traffic because I can’t figure out how to make the transition from one paragraph to another, I know I just need to walk away and take a break for a few minutes. I know it’ll come to me and I know how good it will feel when it does.

Making videos, on the other hand, is a completely different creative process and one that I’m really not comfortable or familiar with. Quite frankly, it’s awful and it doesn’t come easy for me. But I’m determined to get better.

Knowing how liberating and personally rewarding it is to successfully craft an idea into words on paper, I can only imagine how liberating it is, knowing that you possess the skills to effectively craft those same ideas into a video. A video that can potentially connect and communicate face to face with millions of people all over the world. Fuck that would be cool.

And that’s what motivates me. Being trusted and understood for who you really are and what you stand for is such an important component of building any kind of large scale business in the 21st century. When it comes to spending our hard earned money, society has developed some serious trust issues over time. With so much bullshit, lying and deception on every level and within every industry, can you really blame anyone? Shit, I probably have more trust issues than everyone!

So if being understood and trusted is the objective then investing your time and energy into becoming a more effective communicator across all mediums, not just the ones you’re comfortable with, should be a top priority, in my opinion.

I also hope this process serves as a real example of why it’s so important to spend a lot of time and energy building a clear mental vision of where you’re trying to go in life and where you want to be in three, five, ten years from now. Because if you don’t have that vision of where you’re going in life, you won’t have the motivation to get through difficult challenges, obstacles and processes that you face today. You’ll simply give up when things get too tough, frustrating or uncomfortable.

I don’t care how painful it was to make today’s video or how much I suck right now because I have a compelling purpose for getting through the process. I know how it fits into the long term vision of what I’m trying to create and that’s all that matters.


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