What Makes Your Ideas Good Enough to Pursue

Following your ideas, passions and dreams is a lonely endeavor. Most people simply aren’t willing to go out on that ledge, into the darkness of the unknown, to pursue something that has no measurable outcome. And why should they? We’ve built a society that’s totally obsessed with rigid structure. If the outcomes of our ideas and work cannot be measured in dollars, or predicted before we start, then what’s the point?

And that’s the problem…

Sure, through instagram memes we love to praise the beauty of individuality and how everyone should be true to themselves and follow their hearts, yada yada, but in the actually reality of day to day life, that’s all a bunch of fru fru bullshit. Because when it boils down to it, we’ve built a social reward system based entirely around outcome dependent pursuits that can be explained and fully understood while standing at the water cooler.

People who venture off on their own to pursue their ideas don’t get recognized or rewarded until they’ve produced an outcome that other people, the masses, can relate to. Until then, guess what? You’re on your fucking own buddy. Cast from the social ranks of society like a chewed up dog bone. That doesn’t make it bad, but that’s reality.

The cold hard truth is that nobody really cares about your idea to knit socks, the way your great grandmother once did, and sell them out of the trunk of your car. If you really believe in that idea and want to pursue it with everything you’ve got, then you have to be willing to accept reality and embrace it. Nobody cares until you succeed.

So you have to ask yourself, “If I pursue this idea, can I live my life and be genuinely happy until my idea becomes validated within the social reward system that everyone else is living and operating within? What if it takes 20 years? What if it never happens? Then what? Will I have gotten enough out of the pursuit itself to justify the fruitless means?”

These questions are a lot easier to answer when you realize one simple thing. Your ideas are good enough.

Do you know why your ideas are good enough? Because nobody in the entire world has any clue what they’re supposed to be doing here on Earth.

Donald Trump, the president of the USA, the most powerful country in the world, has no clue what he’s doing. Not because of his political policies but because he, like the homeless guy sleeping on the sidewalk outside of one of his hotels, has no idea why we’re here on this planet.

This is the hypocrisy of politics of course. Why doesn’t every Presidential debate start out with one question like, “So, there’s a lot of people now and we’re all just kind of wondering what we’re doing here?” It doesn’t start with that question because nobody fucking knows.

Instead, we choose to start one notch lower just so we can pretend, and feel like, we actually know what we’re doing.

The most successful people in the world are not the smartest. They’re just the ones who’ve been following their own ideas for the longest. Understanding and embracing this truth will provide you with a bottomless well of confidence and all the moral support you’ll ever need to pursue your next idea.

So what are you waiting for? Go knit those fucking socks.

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