The Cot Walk

Below you’ll find links to everything you need to know about “The Cot Walk.” Including the background story, map details, pictures and trip reports.

The Cot Walk was a personal challenge that I came up with and attempted on November 7th 2018. The challenge was to walk solo, 258 miles, from Miami International Airport back to Orlando FL, while carrying a 24 lb cot on my shoulder and eating nothing but protein bars the entire way.

I decided to end the challenge after walking a total distance of 100.24 miles in three days. Heat exhaustion and extreme fatigue also forced me to start eating regular food about 50 miles into the journey.


Here’s the story behind the cot and how I ended up sleeping on it for nearly three years.

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How I chose my shoes for The Cot Walk and everything else I brought along for the adventure.

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Specific details about The Cot Walk including the map illustration of my walking route.

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Day 1. (33.6 miles)

Arriving in Miami, the convenient store, South Beach and first night in the Bivvy.

Day 2. (28.7 miles)

A1A detour, heat exhaustion, hunger games and ice cream sandwiches.

day 3. (37.9 miles)

Rain clouds on the beach, road closure, more sun and 12 miles from hell.


Having a six pack or looking good in a pair of yoga pants might boost your outward sense of confidence, but what does your mind look like? If it’s a bowl of jello, you’re in trouble!

And just like any other muscle in your body, if you don’t challenge your mind and do things to stretch out those neural pathways and fibers, you simply won’t grow.

So originally, The Cot Walk wasn’t really intended for anyone else. Having spent so much time working on Spread Your Wings. Be Wild!, I just felt like hurling myself into a radically different mind frame.

In that sense, The Cot Walk was a success…

Going from building a website and planning a new project, to figuring out where I’m going to sleep after walking 33 miles with a cot on my shoulder, was definitely the ‘healthy mind fuck’ I needed.

On top of that, I also had this totally wild, out of body endurance experience on the last night that was amazing. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

I’ve never competed in any kind of endurance race, half marathon, 5k. Nothing. Hell, the night before The Cot Walk, I was still trying to decide how many pairs of socks I should bring. I really had no clue what to expect. So that experience, that last 12 miles in and of itself, was pretty interesting.

On the flip side, unfortunately that experience came at the expense of being able to complete the entire Cot Walk. And that was kind of a bummer because that was the original goal. There’s no two ways about that.

I made it 100.24 miles in three days but I was supposed to walk 258 miles all the way from Miami back to Orlando. That was the goal and I didn’t make it. I think I definitely could have made it the whole way if I hadn’t been so impatient and sabotaged myself at the end.

So that one will probably hang out in the back of my mind for awhile. But hey, who knows? I don’t think it will be any time soon, but maybe at some point down the road I can revisit the challenge.

For now though I have a plenty to think about and I think the more important question is, what’s next?