Shovel Dirt: Don’t Let Personal Distractions Affect Your Job Performance

Life is going to happen. Distractions and setbacks are bound to creep in from different directions. You can reduce them but avoiding them all together is not realistic. And whether you own a business or work for another company, you can’t allow these distractions or setbacks to get in your way or hold you back from doing what you need to do.

You have to show up every single day and do your job.

If you work in construction and you’re getting paid to shovel dirt would you be incapable of showing up to the job site if you had an argument with your spouse last night? No. You’d show up, go through the same motions, shovel dirt and get the work done.

The same principals apply to any kind of job or industry, it really doesn’t matter. Obviously you want to do everything you can to prevent distractions, drama, or setbacks in the first place, but having a strong defensive strategy is equally important.

Feeling distracted? Go shovel dirt.

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