Is Voting Important and Should You Do It?

I don’t feel like many politicians in Washington really care about me or you very much. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe they’re all fighting like hell to make our lives better and I’m just the ungrateful one, but it sure doesn’t seem that way, as an outsider anyway.

I don’t feel as though anyone in Washington really gives a fuck if I die happy, sad, rich or poor. Again, maybe I’ve got it all wrong and they really do care. But I just don’t see it. Do you?

Maybe I’m not looking hard enough or in the right places but for some reason, everywhere I look, I just see a lot of old people acting like children who never grew up. An overcrowded schoolyard of children wearing Oshkosh B’gosh and arguing in circles over the rules of hopscotch.

“Go Vote!” we’re told. But why? Is punching a ticket once every four years supposed to make me feel empowered? Is that supposed to make me feel like I have a seat at your table? Like I’m really included? I do that too when I play Monopoly with my eight year old nephew. That’s very nice of you, thank you for including me.

What about hope? I suppose you should be my source for that as well? Does that mean I should feel discouraged without you? I’m confused?

How many times are we supposed to drop quarters into a jukebox that only plays one song, no matter which button we press? Why is the definition of insanity only relevant when it’s convenient? Are we just expected to be insane?


If you really want to make progress, see changes and have an impact on society, then guess what? You don’t have to wait for an election. You can vote for yourself and for the people immediately around you. And the best part is, you don’t even have to wait. You can do it right now. That’s how shit gets done. By taking initiative and putting in the work. That’s how your life becomes dramatically better. More people living dramatically better lives means dramatically better villages.

And that’s what it takes…

When more people decide to walk away from the schoolyard and start taking control of their own sources of happiness and success, that’s when things will shift. When people finally start banding together and uniting without co-dependence on broken, outdated systems that don’t contribute to our overall wellbeing, as humans.

If you want to vote then knock your socks off, but if you do, make sure you don’t give away your power or your hope. Hang onto that shit really tight and use it to make your life dramatically better. We need you.


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