Confident Mindset for the Young Job Hunting Warrior

Need a job? What are you waiting for, get the fuck out there and take one already!

If you’re a young, able bodied person with a brain, then you’re in luck my friend. You should have no problem finding a job. Not only that, but adopt the right mindset and the world is your oyster. The key to a successful job hunt is simple. Be realistic about your value and build real confidence.

1. Be Realistic About Your Value

Yes, your value as a human is the same as the billionaire CEO of an oil company and everyone is equal but you have to cut the shit, put your ego aside, and be honest about your economic value relative to your industry workplace.

If you have the attitude and self perceived value of the billionaire CEO, but your actual economic value, relative to your industry workplace, is similar to a chimpanzee then you’re going to miss out on a lot of good lower level opportunities for personal growth and development. Ironically, it’s the accumulation of experience and knowledge gained through those lower level opportunities which leads you to the juicy higher level ones that everyone wants.

2. How to Change Your Attitude

Take that ridiculous level of unrealistic self perceived value, and replace it with a high level of belief in your self perceived ability. Accept the fact that you’re just not as valuable as you thought you were, cry into a pillow if you have to, then take a deep breath, relax and start believing in yourself. Believe that you can truly do fucking anything and then use every single job you can possibly get, as an opportunity to reinforce that belief.

That’s how you build real confidence. And the mindset of a person who has real confidence, gained through the accumulation of real experience and real knowledge, always beats the mindset of the self diluted billionaire, sitting on the sidelines, who thinks they’re better and more entitled than everyone. That person lacks the confidence to actually make anything happen.

Where More Confidence Will Lead You

As you continue believing in yourself more and grow more confident, you’ll find the motivation to keep reaching higher for better, juicier opportunities. Even if you’re not gunning for the “top” of an industry, these principals will still help lead you into a better position where you’re actually doing something that you enjoy and feel good about.

Instead of taking whatever job you can get, you’ll have the confidence to go out into the world and take whatever job you want. If your goal is to work for yourself, then it’s the same thing. Start from the bottom, build confidence and hustle your way up.

These principles aren’t just unique to “job hunting,” these are principals that will serve you in every department of life.


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