about my protein bars

Picky kids? Extreme athletes? Regular hungry person? It doesn’t matter who – my protein bars are for everyone!

I’ll be honest, I probably smoked too much pot throughout most of high school and therefore spent countless hours experimenting in the kitchen with whatever ingredients I could find. Developing all kinds of delicious concoctions and late-night munchies in the process.

I also happen to come from a long line of cooks, bakers, and restaurateurs. At one point I even considered going to Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute to pursue my passion for cooking. The point is, I love food. All food.

Oh, and I also get completely obsessed with anything that I decide to work on. In this particular case, due to personal circumstances, the object of that obsession just so happened to be protein bars.

Even though I’d never even eaten the damn things before I started making them, it quickly became my own personal mission to create the best tasting protein bars I could possibly come up with.

So that’s what I did!

Using handfuls of simple ingredients I’d never heard of before, like organic cashew butter and dates, I created the best protein bars that I could possibly formulate.

I literally spent years figuring out wet and dry ingredient ratios, oil and moisture levels, the right amount of sweetness, the right amount of salt, the right number of chocolate chips, the right textures, and even the ideal processes for combining each individual ingredient based on how they interact with each other.

“Obsessed” might be an understatement…

They’re not specially formulated for the dietary needs of astronauts, prehistoric cavemen, or Mr. Olympia. They’re just really good protein bars that some guy came up with.

And if you’re wondering how they compare to other competitor products, I honestly have no idea. The only other protein bar I’ve ever had, is a CLIF BAR.


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